With years of experience in film and television production and with an understanding of the high technical standards now achievable with drone mounted cameras, Flying Pictures delivers the creative solutions required by production companies and industry professionals.

Using the latest drone technology from DJI, Flying Pictures achieves outstanding imagery to the highest standards required for feature film and television production.

We fly the Inspire 2 with brushless motors which eliminates vibration and makes stable and accurate flight possible. The Zenmuse gimbal with X5S camera can record CinemaDNG RAW footage at up to 5.2K for truly spectacular images.

DJI Inspire 2

The image processing system of the Inspire 2 records at up to 5.2K resolution in CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes H264 and H265.

The sensitivity of the remote control transmitter allow pilots to fly with greater precision and the flight parameters can be adjusted in the DJI GO 4 for accurate manoeuvres and flight patterns.

A variety of intelligent flight modes such as "Tripod Mode" allows the Inspire 2 to achieve accurate and incredibly stable flying with slow graceful movements even in windy conditions.