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Flying Pictures Compilation "Winter 2017".

Some footage shot in Ireland with Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 over past couple of months.

DJI Inspire 2 Review - The Drone that Rivals ARRI Alexa Image Quality

  • Full review by Sebastian Wöber of Cinema 5D

  • "There is no question about it, the DJI Inspire 2 is an impressive drone and a testament to the irritatingly fast pace at which DJI is advancing drone technology way beyond the competition"
  • "5.2K on a 4K screen is really, really impressive, the ProRes integration is a big improvement and the intelligent features this drone brings to the table will be a great help on any shoot"
  • "I don’t intend to suggest that you should shoot your whole movie with a drone, even though DJI tried that in their promo video, but I do think the Inspire 2 can be used in high-budget movie productions mixed with ARRI Alexa footage. It is nice to see how powerful the DJI Inspire 2 RAW files really are, coming out of such a small and ergonomic single-operator drone"

    Camera pixel myths shattered.

    Have we already surpassed what the human eye can discern in terms of resolution.
    Steve Yedlin, ASC a renowned Director of Photography, most recently Star Wars -The Last Jedi, has carried out extensive camera tests while exploring pixel count, visual perception and the post production workflow and reveals some astounding results.
    These two long highly technical videos are well worth watching for serious film makers.
    In Part One Steve carries out extensive camera tests on most of the popular cameras used in film production today.
    In Part Two we get an in depth analysis of the effects the post production pipeline has on visual perception and all this before normal 20/20 vision or the visual acuity of individuals is considered.