About Flying Pictures

With a background in both television production and aviation it was obvious that Tom McCormack would embrace the amazing film making capabilities of modern lightweight HD cameras combined with drone technology.  

With his knowledge and understanding of the film and TV production process and his aviation experience of meteorology and air law he is perfectly placed to discuss and understand the creative requirements of production companies and clients and advise them on the best way to achieve their goals from an aerial perspective.

Tom has been producing and directing TV commercials, broadcast TV programmes and corporate videos for many years. Much of this work has been carried out through his own production company Creative Television Pictures. He has also worked as a freelance Director for other production companies.
It was a natural transition into aerial cinematography as he is also a commercial hot air balloon pilot and has been shooting aerial footage for many years. Combining his skill as a balloon pilot with his experience in film and TV production he has assisted numerous film and TV production companies in capturing spectacular aerial images for their productions.

He is an approved SUA pilot/operator and holds a valid Specific Operating Permission and a Certificate of Competency issued by the Irish Aviation Authority.